Can You Pick The Insider Threat?


Jeff, a relative newcomer to the organisation with just two years under his belt, is known for his sociable personality and love for cracking jokes. However, his liking for gossiping, frequent tardiness, and a carefree attitude towards corporate policies have raised eyebrows among his colleagues about his professionalism.


Monica, a respected senior manager at a top pharmaceutical firm known for her sharp intellect and strategic abilities, has been spotted working late at odd hours lately. Concerningly, there are rumours that sensitive documents under her purview have been leaked, sparking worries about potential breaches of confidentiality protocols.


Marc, a high-ranking executive at a top investment firm, known for his sharp intellect and strategic mindset, has been clashing with management lately. He's made ominous comments about "they will find out," displaying impatience and condescending behaviour with a mix of self-grandeur and disregard for others.
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Core Problems

Chances are, you’re currently facing an insider threat. Here are a few of the most common situations when employees can put data at risk.

Trusted Partners

The risk from a trusted business partner refers to the potential for adverse outcomes or harm that may result from the actions, decisions, or circumstances

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Remote Workforce

A remote worker operates outside traditional office settings and can unintentionally or intentionally cause harm to their organisation, whether through malicious actions or simply due

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Departing Employee

An employee departure refers to the event when an individual leaves their employment, whether voluntarily through resignation or involuntarily due to termination. This departure can

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Employee Misuse of Information

Employee misuse of information occurs when employees improperly handle, access, or share sensitive company data. This misuse can include accessing confidential files without permission, sharing

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 Employee Data Theft 

Employee data theft is the unauthorised theft of sensitive and confidential information by individuals trusted by the organisation. This can include employees, contractors, or other

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The Risks You Need To Know To Avoid An Internal Cyber Breach Causing A Catastrophic Impact To Your Organisation

In this indispensable book for business owners and team leaders, you’ll learn:

of employees take sensitive IP with them when they leave an organisation (source: DTEX 2023Insider Risk Investigation Report)


increase in unauthorised 3rd party work on corporate devices (source: DTEX 2023Insider Risk Investigation Report)


of breaches involved human element (source: Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report)


of employees are disengaged (source: Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report)

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