About Us

Naked Insider was started in 1996 as CommsNet Group and is an established partners of the Insider Threat Division of CERT.

In 2015, CommsNet Group then established a dedicated insider threat division called Naked Insider with the sole purpose of unravelling human risky behaviour.

Working with leading global organisations such as the Australian Federal Government, Telstra, Optus, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, National Australian Bank and many others, Naked Insider DNA is entrenched in helping organisations effectively mitigate insider risks.

Business are built on people like you and me.

Insider threats are an intriguing and complex problem. Some assert that they are the most significant threat faced by organisations today.

Unfortunately, insider threats cannot be mitigated through “silver bullet” solutions. These insiders go to work every day and bypass both physical and digital security measures. They have legitimate, authorised access to the most confidential, valuable information and systems.

Naked Insider was born to help mitigate the risk and harm that trusted people bring to their organisations whether it be intentionally or accidentally.

Human risk is at the forefront of everything we do. We understand adversaries and their motives, which allows us to out-think them and ensure our clients are a step ahead.

We recognise that every organisation’s insider risk is unique. Regardless of where you are on your maturity journey, Naked Insider will be able to advise on the best way forward in protecting your organisation’s critical assets from harm by trusted insiders now, and into the future.