Naked Insider Capability Overview

Naked Insider provides insider risk management solutions to various industries, including finance, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, and government.

The foundation of our approach is a deep understanding of the human factors that drive insider risk. Whether it is malicious or unintentional, employee, contractor, or business partner actions can result in financial losses, data breaches, reputation damage, and even regulatory sanctions for a company.

Former law enforcement officers, psychologists, cybersecurity experts, and seasoned insider risk management experts make up our team. Every one of us is committed to delivering measurable results for clients by leveraging the latest technologies.

We provide a variety of solutions, including, but not limited to:

In addition to reducing insider risk and safeguarding critical assets, Naked Insider focuses on collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

No matter what kind of insider risk management program a company wants to set up or enhance, Naked Insider can help.

For a Complimentary Insider Risk Consultation (value $950.00), call +61 2 6282 5554