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Australia’s Trusted Authority On Insider Risk Management

Boaz Fischer brings the insights and experiences of decades spent helping organisations deal with the challenges associated with cyber security. First starting out connecting clients with business productivity solutions, Boaz shifted gears when he saw the rise of threats that came with the growth of the internet. He started helping organisations build more resilient systems and implementing cyber security best practices.

But as the internet continued to expand, cyber criminals continued to evolve. And through his research into cyber breaches and hands-on experience helping clients deal with cyber attacks, he came to realise traditional approaches to cyber security were lacking a critical piece of the puzzle – the human element.

Today, Boaz dedicates himself to educating business leaders about the very real risks associated with insider threats. He has made it his mission to equip them with the insights and tools they need to identify, prevent and mitigate catastrophic internal data breaches.

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