Safeguarding data from walking out the door and minimising risk when the employee departs

Fictitious scenario:

Have you noticed that colleague who's been noticeably elusive recently, often working late hours and making secretive preparations to leave? It seems there's more to their behaviour, particularly since they've regularly talked about moving on, especially to a competitor. They've always been ambitious and have expressed a desire for recognition and acknowledgment for their hard work. However, they're dissatisfied in their current role, especially after being denied their promised bonus.


An employee departure refers to the event when an individual leaves their employment, whether voluntarily through resignation or involuntarily due to termination. This departure can pose a significant risk of sensitive data being taken with them, potentially leading to data breaches or unauthorised disclosure of confidential information.


Departing employees pose a risk of walking away with the organisation’s most valuable intellectual property.

Departing employees pose a significant challenge for security teams and stakeholders as they take with them crucial knowledge, expertise, and potentially sensitive data that could be exploited to harm the organisation.

Make the following into small images.

  • Steal IP as they are leaving the organisation
  • Steal for a business advantage.
  • Employees are being recruited by foreign nation states

of departing employees admit to taking company data with them (source: Infosecurity magazine)


of employee IP theft occurs within 90 days of employee resignation (source: Infosecurity Magazine)


of employees downloaded work-related information before they left work (source: Swiss Cyber Institute)


chance departing employees will take intellectual property with them (source: Harvard Business Review)

Naked Insider Approach

In tackling the challenge of employee information misuse, Naked Insider is taking a people-first approach, recognising that technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard sensitive information from leaving the company.

At Naked Insider, we understand the gravity of departing employees posing a risk of data walking out the door, potentially leading to data breaches. To tackle this issue, Naked Insider offers a holistic strategy that combines human intervention with technology and policy implementation. Our smart approach involves closely monitoring activities behind the scenes, detecting any anomalies, and facilitating swift, informed decision-making to prevent data loss and mitigate risks effectively.

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