Do You Know What The Single Driving Force Behind All Human Behaviour Is?

“When a behaviour is easier to do, it is more likely people will do it.” 

– Nir Eyal, author of Hooked

Everything we do, both individually and within a team, is influenced by our pursuit of pleasure or our desire to avoid pain. In the workplace, this principle becomes apparent when employees perform well, often driven by the pleasure they gain from recognition, praise, or potential rewards such as bonuses or promotions. Conversely, they may conscientiously complete tasks to evade the pain of criticism, reprimands, or the fear of job insecurity.

As a leader, recognising this fundamental principle enables you to tailor your management approach effectively. By cultivating a workplace environment that combines rewarding experiences with constructive feedback, you can motivate your team to excel while minimising the fear of negative consequences.

Understanding the interplay of pleasure and pain in your team’s actions can pave the way for a more engaged and productive workforce. It’s important to note that when attempting to change someone’s behaviour, they may naturally resist (experiencing pain). This resistance is often rooted in their appreciation for the freedom of choice and discomfort with imposed changes.

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