Safeguarding Your Organisations Information Crown Jewels

Fictitious scenario:

Have you noticed that colleague who’s been a bit evasive lately, often working late into the night? There’s a sense that he is up to something beyond their usual responsibilities. Despite his hard work, their boss hasn’t acknowledged the excellent work he’s been doing, which seems to upset and irritate him. In a few conversations, he has mentioned being short on money and even hinted at starting a new business on the side.


Employee data theft is the unauthorised theft of sensitive and confidential information by individuals trusted by the organisation. This can include employees, contractors, or other insiders who exploit their access to confidential data for personal gain, financial motives, or malicious intent.

The Problem:

A consequence of poor governance, lack of data visibility, eroding trust and resulting data walking out the door.

Security teams face the formidable challenge of keeping pace with rapid digital transformations, exposing sensitive data vulnerabilities as files are freely shared. This risk is further compounded by the threat of data theft emanating from any trusted insider, including remote workers and trusted partners, who may exploit their access privileges for personal gain, significantly increasing the likelihood of theft and subsequent data breaches.

Put these into small images:

  • Too many data points in unknown locations
  • Lack of visibility of who’s touching what data
  • Inadequate security access controls
  • Utilising difficult and Ineffective DLP Tools

of intellectual property is stolen within 90 days leading up to an employee’s departure (Source: Infosecurity Magazine) 


of business decision-makers believe the IP they produce belongs to them, not the company. (Source: Infosecurity Magazine)


of information security leaders have admitted to stealing company data. (Source: Code42 Data Exposure Report)

Naked Insider Approach

In tackling the challenge of employee data theft, Naked Insider is taking a people-first approach, recognising that technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard sensitive information from walking out the door.

Naked Insider weaves a strategy that embraces cutting-edge tools and the human touch.

It’s time to break free from the fear of becoming a data breach headline. At Naked Insider, we’re pioneering a proactive approach to combat the risk of data walking out the door by your employees.

We do this by keeping a close eye on what’s happening behind the scenes, spotting any unusual activities, and helping you make smart decisions fast.

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