Safeguarding Against The Ominous Impact Of Employee-Driven Data Sabotage Within Organisations

Fictitious scenario:

Have you noticed a colleague whose behaviour suggests deeper dissatisfaction? There’s a concerning pattern of complaints and negativity. Regularly, he criticises the organisation and management and seems to feel victimised and angry. While he continues working somewhat diligently, he often appears to prioritise personal grievances over ethical considerations. Recently, there was an incident where the systems experienced major downtime, leading to questions about potential sabotage, possibly from within.


Intentional actions taken by an employee to harm or disrupt an organisation’s data, IT infrastructure, or operations.

This can include deletion or alteration of data, introducing malware or viruses, or tampering with critical systems to cause downtime or financial damage.


Unveiling the tension between adaptation and disgruntlement amidst workplace changes and disrupted expectations.

During times of uncertainty or changes in the workplace environment, employees may experience added stress. While some individuals adapt and manage the situation, others struggle to overcome it, resulting in increased disgruntlement. This discontent can be exacerbated by missed promotions or salary bonuses, disrupting insiders’ expectations, possibly leading to unprofessional behaviours, and potentially seeking retaliation fuelled by personal grievances or conflicts.

Make the following into small images.

  • Unmet expectations
  • Workplace stress
  • Ongoing concerning behaviours

of organisations report employee abuse or misuse of business app access (source: CyberArk – Unmask Insider Threats and Errors)


of the insiders who committed sabotage exhibited personal disposition (source: CERT database)


of all sabotage cases were caused by contractors (source: CERT database)

Naked Insider Approach

In tackling the challenge of employee misuse of information, Naked Insider is taking a people-first approach, recognising that technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard sensitive information from walking out the door.

Fortunately, we’ve identified clear patterns in most insider IT sabotage incidents. With expert advice, guided steps, and strategic planning, you can significantly reduce the risk of these attacks and prevent potential disasters before they occur.

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