Episode #1: 10 Common MIND GAMES That People Play In The Office

Is it your boss that is playing a psychological mind game with you? Is it a colleague?

It’s no secret that people are often motivated by games – the desire to win, be the best, or simply outdo others. The impact of this on security can be profound but not always quantifiable.

Nowadays, it is hard to decipher who’s into playing mind games and who isn’t…. And I’m not talking about video games.

You never know who’s playing mind games unless you see the signs. People that play mind games are generally out for themselves, deceiving, misleading, and usually have ulterior motives than what they say.

There are several reasons people play mind games, and in this s episode, we will explore these unique mind games. Identify what they are, understand the signs and how you can become aware that you may well be part of one of their ‘games’. This can help and empower you to avoid an unhelpful or destructive interaction.