Are Your Trusted People Exposing Your Business To Harm?

Avoid Catastrophic Cyber Breaches By Proactively Managing Insider Threats

In this invaluable book, you’ll discover…
“Boaz Fischer’s book shatters the myth of the “big happy family” for organisations as they wrestle with insider threats. He makes the reality of risk crystal-clear and highlights the warnings that organisations need to pay attention to so they can mitigate threats before it’s too late. When you know, you can act. When you can predict risk, you can effectively prevent it.”
Sean Ofir
CEO and Managing Director, SABASAI

Learn How To Protect Your Assets From The #1 Cybersecurity Threat

Your organisation has probably already invested significantly in cybersecurity – software, hardware, data programs, employee training, updated policies and procedures and more.

But these measures ignore a critical element of cyber – the human element.

Human behaviour is dynamic. People have their own needs, wants and motivations. And sometimes these might not align with those of your business. No amount of awareness training will stop a malicious insider from taking action to cause damage. Even the most comprehensive cyber policy is worthless if a disgruntled employee is motivated to sell data to someone else.

So what is the solution?

The first step is to acknowledge, as an organisation, that insider threats are not just real but pose the most significant risk to your assets. From there, you can work to better understand the nature of those insider risks and the strategies that can effectively identify, prevent and mitigate internal breaches.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn…

A Personal Note From Boaz Fischer...

If you are a business leader responsible for defending your assets from cyber threats, you are probably spending a lot of time and money making sure your systems and technology can withstand, or at least identify, a cyber-attack from some external entity.

But are you ignoring the elephant in the room?

The greatest threat to an organisation’s most precious assets most likely come from within.

We don’t really want to acknowledge this, we don’t want to admit that the people we trust, the people we employ, would want to cause our business harm.

But I believe insider threats are the most significant threat facing modern organisations today. It might sound like a simplistic problem – identify the threats, remove them, job done. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Leaders like yourself are forced into a difficult situation – you need to prevent breaches, but you are forced to trust your employees so that work can get done. It just isn’t practical (or productive) to watch everyone all the time.

The enemy is getting smarter, more connected and have more resources at their disposal than ever before. Even if your business acknowledges the risk posed by insiders, few organisations understand how to tackle it effectively.

That is why I have written this book – to give CEOs, executive teams and boards the information they need to understand the severity of insider threats AND the insights and strategies to help them own and mitigate that risk.

About Boaz Fischer

Boaz Fischer is Australia’s Trusted Authority on Insider Risk Management. He has made it his mission to help business leaders understand the cybersecurity risks companies face from their own employees and put in place strategies to manage and mitigate these risks.

A cyber security expert par excellence, Boaz Fischer is the specialist you need to help you navigate the tricky waters and take action to avoid a catastrophic cyber breach. His clients include three of the biggest banks in Australia, several Federal and State government agencies, and Australia’s largest national telecommunications organisations. He brings together decades of experience and insights as a trusted cybersecurity consultant and fellow business owner to show CEOs and board members how to protect their high-value assets from insider cyber threats.

Avoid Catastrophic Cyber Breaches By Proactively Managing Insider Threats

In this invaluable book, you’ll discover…

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