Building an Insider Risk Management Program is building a fortress of trust, safeguarding your organisation from within

One constant challenge organisation’s face today goes beyond the external perimeter—the growing threat from within.

The world has rapidly evolved over the past 30 years, and technology has become a major force in defining how businesses operate. Technology provides a medium where information can be instantly accessed and transmitted. However, due to the growing dependence on technology, there are risks associated with employees and other trusted business partners who can intentionally or accidentally cause harm.

Despite technological advancements, an insider risk management program primarily focuses on people.

Gone are the days when employees would join a company, plan to spend the next twenty to thirty years, and then retire. Nowadays, employees are more likely to think about their careers in two to three-year blocks. They frequently seek opportunities, better salaries, incentives, and benefits within their careers, not necessarily with the same organisation.

If their needs are not met or if they feel neglected, employees may become disengaged, rebellious, exploitative, or even destructive.

At its core, a formal insider risk management program utilises a risk management thought process to mitigate insider threats and manage insider risks.

To effectively prevent, detect, deter, and respond to unique threats from insiders, organisations must take appropriate risk management actions—an Insider Risk Management Program.

The best time to develop a process for mitigating insider incidents is before they occur.

Benefits of an Insider Risk Management Program: