Safeguarding against risks from data leaks, information sharing, and financial fraud

Fictitious scenario:

Have you observed that colleague who has been working remotely and displaying some concerning behaviours? They lack structure in their work approach, often logging in at odd hours and engaging in excessive remote access activities. Despite being part of virtual meetings and collaborative efforts, they seem reluctant to actively participate. Recently, they’ve made unexpected requests for extended time off, and there have been instances of attempting to bypass security controls.


A remote worker operates outside traditional office settings and can unintentionally or intentionally cause harm to their organisation, whether through malicious actions or simply due to a lack of cybersecurity awareness hygiene.


Remote work introduces new data security challenges.

Remote workers pose significant challenges for security teams and stakeholders due to the potential for unexpected harm they can introduce while working remotely, including data breaches, financial losses, and compliance issues.

Make the following into small images.

  • Use of unauthorised software
  • Lack of visibility when employees work remotely
  • Difficulty enforcing policies and maintaining compliance

Naked Insider Approach

In tackling the challenge of employee information misuse, Naked Insider is taking a people-first approach, recognising that technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard sensitive information from leaving the company.

Recognising the significance of managing risks posed by trusted business partners, Naked Insider helps implement a robust risk management plan. This plan involves thorough vetting of new partners, ongoing activity monitoring, clear contractual agreements specifying responsibilities, the creation of communication and collaboration structures, and the establishment of data protection protocols. These elements form essential components of the risk management framework.

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