Safeguarding data and activities risk from trusted business partners

Fictitious scenario:

Have you come across a trusted business partner who has consistently provided solid cybersecurity services and advice, but there are now growing concerns about his performance? This individual has been frequently absent, displaying signs of tardiness and impatience. Additionally, you've observed mistakes in system configuration and unauthorised software uploads. Moreover, rumours indicate that he is going through a messy divorce, and management is unsupportive of his situation.


The risk from a trusted business partner refers to the potential for adverse outcomes or harm that may result from the actions, decisions, or circumstances associated with that partner.


Trusted Business Partners need access to your critical information. Your organisation needs certainty and assuredness that they are trusted.

Trusted business partners, authorised and regarded as insiders can unintentionally or intentionally cause significant harm. They pose a substantial challenge for security teams and stakeholders, as they possess crucial knowledge, expertise, and access to sensitive data that could be exploited to harm the organisation.

Make the following into small images.

  • Lack of visibility of what partners do
  • Different working policies
  • Different working cultures

of insider incidents are perpetrated by trusted business partners (source: techjury)


of insider incidents are perpetrated by trusted business partners (source: techjury)

Naked Insider Approach

In tackling the challenge of employee information misuse, Naked Insider is taking a people-first approach, recognising that technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard sensitive information from leaving the company.

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